Vision & Goals

In developing your team's vision and goals for this week, please consider the following:

  1. Why did each team member decide to become involved in starting a MTC?
  2. What does each person see him/hersself contribution to this effort?

In developing your team's vision and goals for a MTC, please consider the following:

  1. Why are we interested in starting a MTC in our area?
  2. What specific geographic region do we plan to serve? Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana.
  3. Which particular teachers do we hope to reach with our MTC? Grade levels, schools, districts? Our core grade levels are 7-10 but we intend to invite any interested teachers, preservice teachers who are interested to participate. We expect many of our activities will have components of interest to anyone teaching grades 6-12.
  4. Who will be our biggest allies in developing our MTC? Specific schools where our organizers and/or participants work.
  5. What do we foresee as our biggest challenges? Recruitment, fundraising, planning for sustainability.
  6. What do we hope to accomplish? (List 3 goals) Tara wrote these down!


  1. Approximately how many math teachers in our planned demographic? At least 500-700. We hope to have a core of 15-20 regular attendees plus visitors.
  2. On which teachers will we focus initial recruitment? Those we can reach by word of mouth.
  3. What strategies will we use to recruit teachers to attend academic-year meetings? We have a list (Tara and Steve Ph wrote some of it down) of people ab most districts in the Cincinnati area that we can ask for help with recruiting. Karen know some contacts neared Dayton and we hope to ask Jeff Willets for help up near Dayton as well. Face-to-face recruiting of pre-service teachers and asking them to deliver invitational materials to their mentor teachers.
  4. Where will we find leaders for our sessions? In addition to our team we hope to engage Danny Otero, Joy Moore, Todd Edwards, David Minda. Our pan is to ask presenters to attend a meeting or two to get an idea of the style of or sessions and then ask them to present a topic they're interested in.
  5. How will we recruit session leaders?
  6. Who will handle which aspects of recruitment?