Cincy Math Teachers' Circle Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Some mathematical card tricks

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When: Sat 23 February 9:00 - 12:00
Where: Madeira High School (If you get to the parking lot, you'll see signs for where we meet)

Session Chairs: Steve Ph and Steve Pe

Topic/Title: Mathematical card tricks

Abstract: We'll learn a couple self working card tricks and figure out why they work. Mathematical topics, depending on the approaches we take, may include integer division, composition of functions, or computer algorithms for sorting.

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Food: (who's bringing what...)
  1. Coffee (I have Coffee covered swp)
  2. Empty calories (sep will grab bagels for 12 or so)

  1. List what's needed and who's bringing it.
    1. Decks of playing cards (sep has plenty)
    2. Paper and pencils (sep)


  1. For a document that covers nearly exactly what we talked about today, See "A math teacher's card tricks" at