Cincy Math Teachers' Circle Winter Workshop

Join us for this FREE Math Circle Workshop!
Coffee, breakfast snacks, and a light lunch will be included

When: Sat 26 January 8:30-2:30

Where: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Middle School (If you get to the parking lot, you'll see signs for where we meet)

Session Chairs:

Topic/Title: Strange Dice

afternoon topics include short sessions on problem solving strategies, mathematical games, and...
(Who's doing which shorter sessions and what materials do we need for them?)


Invitations/Reminders: (check off when done)
  1. Reminder email from this wiki to all members (done once on 4 Nov)
  2. Update Webpage (still don't have a web page :-( )
  3. Facebook ()
  4. Twitter (Done many times....)
  5. Other recruiting functions: email our friends, education faculty.
  6. Follow up on publicity with Enquirer reporter
  7. Out of town folks? sep will email Beavercreek people

Food: (who's bringing/ordering what...)
  1. Coffee, cups etc.
  2. Breakfast-like foods(llb will bring bagels/muffins)
  3. Lunch
  4. Water/ soda?

  1. List what's needed and who's bringing it.
    1. Dice probability activity
    2. Afternoon sessions
    3. Paper and pencils (sep)
    4. Door prizes (ordered 144 blank dice we can hand out to use then take home) (sep)(llb has misc prizes as well)
    5. NAME TAGS (do we still have some in Steve's classroom?)

Save receipts current budget about $200.


How do we want rooms set up? How many...what technology? etc.