Cincy Math Teachers' Circle Fall 2012

When: Sat 13 October 9:00 - 12:00
Where: Madeira High School (If you get to the parking lot, you'll see signs for where we meet)

Session Chairs: Steve Phelps and Tara Smith


Topic/Title: SET!

Abstract: Some of the mathematics behind one of the world's most popular "mathematical" games. At least we'll have a fun time learning and playing the game, though together we can probably unravel some of its mysteries as well.

Questions for Investigation:
  1. Given one card, how many other cards can be used to form a set with this card?
  2. Given two cards, how many other cards cans be used to form a set with these two cards?
  3. How many sets are there in a game?
  4. What is the maximum number of cards that can be dealt so that no three of them form a set? Or put another way, what is the minimum number of cards needed to guarantee three of them form a set?
  5. What is a set magic square?
  6. Is it possible to construct two magic squares that have only one card in common?
  7. Is it possible to construct more than two magic squares such that all magic squares share only one card?
  8. How many distinct magic squares can be constructed?
  9. What can be said about the cards that are left after a game of set has been completed?
  10. How would Questions 1-9 be answered if the game was changed to three characteristics instead of four?

Invitations/Reminders: (check off when done)
  1. Reminder message from this wiki to all members (sunday:sep. Wed/Thur:)
  2. Sign in/ sign up /attendance sheet. WE NEED TO GET EMAILS from people so we can send directly to them.(swp will take care of this)
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Food: (who's bringing what...)
  1. Coffee (swp)
  2. Empty calories (get receipt if possible as UC may pay something) (tara)

  1. List what's needed and who's bringing it.
    1. Set card decks (sep can bring 3, one is Linda's) (swp has 2) (tara has 2) <-That should do it!
    2. Name tags. (sep)
    3. Paper and pencils (sep)
    4. Awesome 4D envisioning device. (swp)

  1. Math Teachers Circle SET Worskhop
  2. SET Daily Puzzle
  3. SET Mathematics
  4. Geometric Models of the Card Game SET
  5. The Card Game SET
  6. The Game of SET as a four dimensional vector space or a three element field
  7. SET and affine caps
  8. SET is not the only version of SET
  9. Sudoku, Mathematics, and Statistics (a bit of SET is in this)
  10. Math Horizons: Games, Gambling, and Magic
  11. Tic-Tac-Toe on a finite plane