Cincy Math Teachers' Circle Fall 2012

When: Sat 10 November 9:00 - 12:00
Where: Madeira High School (If you get to the parking lot, you'll see signs for where we meet)

Session Chairs: Linda B and Steve Pe

Topic/Title: Ropes and Chains (tangles and numbers)

Abstract: In which investigate the way two or more strings can end up tangled and find a means to use numbers to describe and even untangle complicated tangles.

Invitations/Reminders: (check off when done)
  1. Reminder email from this wiki to all members (done once on 4 Nov)
  2. Update Webpage (still don't have a web page :-( )
  3. Facebook (Steve Ph did this Nov 4)
  4. Twitter (Done many times....)

Food: (who's bringing what...)
  1. Coffee (I have Coffee covered swp)
  2. Empty calories (kb) (llb-will bring bagels/muffins)

  1. List what's needed and who's bringing it.
    1. Ropes (sep) (swp has 1) (Do we need more? what kind?)
    2. Personal-sized ropes (chains) --- 5 sets? (sep)
    3. Paper and pencils (sep)