Cincy Math Teachers' Circle
7 December 9:00-12:00

When: 7 December 2013
Where: Madeira High School (If you get to the parking lot, you'll see signs for where we meet)

Session Chairs:

Topic/Title Counting trains and other things

We'll consider some puzzles and counting problems that turn out to have surprising connections to algebra.

Invitations/Reminders: (check off when done)
  1. Reminder email from this wiki to all members (SWP)
  2. Update Webpage (still don't have a web page :-( ) I think this works just fine.
  3. Facebook SWP
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  5. Local contacts SWP
  6. emails to pre-service teachers (sep ---done 3 sept)

Food: (who's bringing what...)
  1. Coffee (SWP)
  2. Empty calories (llb)

  1. List what's needed and who's bringing it. ()
    1. Paper, pencils (sep will bring some)
    2. Cusenaire we need these? YES, A FEW. (llb)


  1. PCMI stuff on locks and trains